Big Alcohol

Sunday January 17th, 2021

Day 13

Why hasn’t Netflix done a documentary on the Alcohol Industry and how we’re all being brainwashed on a daily basis about alcohol? I read two blog posts this morning that have inspired me to write this one:

Flirting With Sobriety

Please check them out. They summarize the actual anger that I feel toward the alcohol industry. Think of the billions of dollars our governments draw from taxes on alcohol every year. Our societies rely on the sale of alcohol to function. And at the same time this substance is killing people, causing massive health problems for others, and creating mental health disorders for many. How is it even legal for a product that contains substances that are harmful to our health to be promoted as something we should drink ALL DAY?!? As in Rose All Day, which I know I’ve already ranted about, but it just seems to be the most explicit example of what is wrong with our entire culture around drinking. Those of us who drink too much, there’s something wrong with us and WE’RE the ones with the problem. Alcohol is not the problem.

Why is it that there’s only a small handful of us noticing that alcohol is actually a problem and quietly talking about it in blogs, podcasts and self-help books? But try finding anything related to the truth about alcohol in mainstream media. I can find a documentary on almost any other topic through my variety of streaming services, covering everything from the evils of Bjg Pharma and prescription drugs, to police brutality or the truth about sugar. But try looking for the truth about alcohol. Unless it’s some cheesy intervention show where we watch a “real alcoholic” stealing swigs of vodka from morning to night and stumbling through their day. That just confirms to us that they are “other”. They have a problem and I don’t because I don’t drink vodka, I don’t start drinking until 5 pm, and I am still able to hold down a job.

I think it’s time for the truth about alcohol to come out. I know so many people who are struggling but they don’t know, or won’t admit, it’s partly because of alcohol. Particularly now since the start of the pandemic. And it’s made out to be something humorous. Something we all laugh about through silly Instagram memes and posts. But it’s really not that funny. I think that most people who’ve been caught up in the lie of alcohol, are not really finding it that funny deep down. They’re struggling and trying to keep a balance and keep their shit together, but not realizing that alcohol is making their life more difficult.

That’s my rant for today. Thank you for listening.


10 thoughts on “Big Alcohol

  1. I think you’ve found another niche! The alcohol industry was hoping you would just keep on drinking and not staying sober long enough to realize what’s really going on and how people are being used! Maybe you’re the first to start a “down with alcohol” movement. You’re good at writing and I’ll bet there are others that could help with the anti-alcohol movement. I wonder if it could be connected with the green or environmental movements. Hmmm! Lots to think about. Keep writing about it! Love Mom

  2. this is something i looked into when i first started recovery. aside from the usual classic movies and literature there is actually a good documentary about it..i believe it was on Netflix at one time..i’ll try to find went into the physical effects it has on the body as well as the mind.

  3. Mainstream media may not be reflecting these concerns about alcohol but people and especially young people are. The number of young people turning their backs on alcohol is growing all the time, alternative adult drinks without alcohol continue to expand and I really believe drinking will eventually be seen much like smoking has done, a bit uncool and seedy. Blogs like yours are important part of that change in perception! Keep it up! X

    1. Yes! I really hope so. It’s interesting how everyone is so invested in health and being fit, but then pours toxins in their body on a regular basis. I used to be a smoker and now look back on that and can’t believe I did that to myself for so long. I find the longer I go without drinking, the more I feel that way about alcohol as well, like it’s so unhealthy, and uncool and kind of seedy like you said. Thank you Jim!

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